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Our printing technology allows brand owners to target specific markets with highly variable printing. Brand owners can identify with a niche with the use of targeted imaging.
Additional technologies like unique identifier QR codes and digital watermarking allow customers to utilize smartphone technology to interface with the label, and therefore the product, and create a content enriched product experience. We refer to this approach to value creation as CONTENT BRIDGING. ​

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Mobile interactivity and linking the product label to the web can help create an even higher level of product tracking and authentication. At InkWorks Printing we are continually exploring and building solutions that help our customers protect their brand and products.

Our solutions for in-mold and adhesive application fuse or adhere to a wide range of different plastics and different solutions.
In-mold Decorating - we have proprietary solutions for fusion into ABS, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, and Polyethylene. Our solutions concentrate on creating the very best label separation, static charging receptivity, and excellent ultimate bond. Our success comes from understanding the entire process from automation, in-mold performance, and intended end-use. 

Welcome to InkWorks Printing where we believe an image is everything.  We focus on the value of digital imaging technologies and we combine it with the practicality of conventional print to create value for our customers. With over 40 years of combined printing and material science experience, the principals of Inkworks work with our print partners to create new and unique products.  Our goal is to provide more than print; instead, our products will increase sales for our customers by improving the buying experience, adding functionality to a product, and by improving the perceived value. We believe this approach is simply smart printing.