Printed Products that Help our Customers Sell More!

Welcome to InkWorks Printing where we believe image is everything.  We focus on the value of digital imaging technologies and we combine it with the practicality of conventional print to create value for our customers. With over 40 years of combined printing and material science experience the principals of Inkworks work with our print partners to create new and unique products.  Our goal is to provide more than print; instead our products will increase sales for our customers by improving the buying experience, adding functionality to a product, and by improving the perceived value. We believe this approach is simply smart printing.

Standard Products:

  • Prime Labels for Packaging
  • Specialized Graphics for P.O.P./Retail
  • Decals for OEM’s
  • IML for Injection and Blow-Molding

Inkworks Capabilities - the “Works”

  • Proprietary printing and converting solutions to create smart printing value.
    • 12.2” x Continuous image areas
    • Materials up to .015” thick
    • Laminating and Coating Technologies
    • Cutting Technologies
  • Partner network solutions for Digital, Screen, Flexo, Offset, and RotoGravure-to extend our value into any application.
  • Hybrid Solutions – Our capabilities allow us to combine multiple forms of printing to create truly unique solutions.

Specialized Products of Inkworks:

  • In-Mold Labels - In- Mold Decorating is a science that goes well beyond printing. It requires an in-depth understanding of molding, static electricity, automation, and materials. We believe we have mastered these sciences to the point of an art form.
  • Floor SquareTM- Temporary floor tiling to help anyone make a mundane space a destination.
  • Handshake QRTM- We believe the best way to make printing dynamic is to link the printed image to the interior with the rapid increase of smart phones. With our QR Code Technologies we can add value to print as never imagined.
  • Wall PepperTM – This unique product sticks to walls, windows and doors and removes easily and cleanly.  It allows the consumer to create self stick, photo murals that are easy to make, easy to put up and beautiful to look at.  Learn more at


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