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Our proprietary IML laminating extends product functionality with labels that create:
  • Anti-Microbial surfaces
  • Tactile Textures
  • Thermal-Insulating properties
  • Chrome and Bright Metallic appearances
The markets for our in-mold labels include:
  • Packaging containers - from food to paint
  • Semi-durable products including cups and reusable containers
  • Durable products for OEM components
Our in-mold labels have excellent molding fusion and static properties.  We have constructions that will mold into the following plastic types:
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • ABS
  • Polycarbonate
In-mold decoration has many advantages over conventional decorating methods.  These advantages include:
  • Waste reduction - elimination of liner waste from PS or Heat Transfer decorations
  • Scrap Reduction
  • Better label  and marking permanence
  • Improved package or product design
  • Improved recycling
  • Reduced cost compared to other plastic decorating methods

In-mold Labels - the ultimate combination of plastic and print

The world of labeling is constantly changing and today the rate of innovation is even more rapid.  Industry trends on sustainable packaging and lean manufacturing have caused many companies to focus on in-mold decoration for injection molding.   That's why InkWorks has created a line of in-mold label products specifically designed for injection molding.

In-Mold Labels

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When we combine our in-mold solutions with our digital printing capabilities we can create in-mold decorating solutions that add even more value to the molded part.  Digitally printed in-mold labels can help molders target unique niches, enhance product security or improve visual appearance.