The variable image also allows our customers to consider the possibility of tying their products to their web site for even greater promotional opportunities.  With digital printing you can create a sequential number on the package that would be tied to a discount or promotion that is offered on your web site.  The label encourages your customers to look for their number on your web site. While they are at your site, you can offer them more information about your company and your products. 
In addition to creating big impact labels, we can also help our customers target specialized markets with versioning. Our digital press can change images, words and colors on the fly, so now even the most obscure market segment can be targeted with a unique image or message.  Targeted selling helps our customers expand market segments and uncover new profit opportunities.

Prime Labels

Targeted Marketing

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Our digital printing is printed on pressure sensitive labels that are designed for the food industry.  We have label stocks that will resist moisture, oils and cold temperatures.  Our inks are environmentally friendly and FDA indirect food contact approved. 
*Paper label stock for cold temp and dry goods
*BOPP label stock for moisture and cooking oils

Virtual Selling


At InkWorks we know that its only a “pretty picture” if our digital printing can’t be made into a useful graphic product. With our state of art converting equipment we can laminate, varnish, apply adhesives and die cut your graphics to create a truly unique label.  

Label Materials

The bottom line is that your bottom line is most important.  Our smart approach to labels can help you sell more of your products.  High impact labels can help your customers associate more closely with your products, increase their loyalty and ultimately buy more. 

Finishing Touch

The Bottom Line

Prime Labels - 1000 words for the price of 100 

The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words is how InkWorks Printing approaches digital printing.  We specialize in helping our customers tell their story with images that capture attention and help drive sales. Digital printing allows brand managers, restaurateurs and food companies to create full color labels without costly setup charges, so for the price of a two-color label you can now have a full color image.